Approximately 20GB of that hard drive is used to store navigation data and improved categorization and points of interest; 5GB-7GB is used for miscellaneous functions such as storing contacts from Bluetooth.

Now that leaves us with about 12GBGB of this remaining extra storage on the hard drive of the 3G MMI equipt Audis that you can actually store your personal music on. How many times have you wanted to hear a song that was on your iPod or on your memory stick sitting on your desk at home or in your other car?

Audi has come up with a way to transfer music files from your portible music device, MP3, CD, memory stick flash drive or SD card onto the hard drive of your Audi. Initially we were informed that you could import music from your iPod or any CD, however, from personal experience and further research I have found out that while it is not quite this simple it is still a fairly easy process. Because Apple has their music secured you cannot take the music directly off your iPod, and for the same reason you can not take music directly from an original store bought CD.

Now when it comes to an iPod or similar device, you have to tranfer the music onto an SD card first and import it or you can use a memory stick, however if this is the case you will need a special designated Audi cable to transfer the music Cable part 4F0 G.

The jukebox system works very well and is very convenient. If I were to make a suggestion it would be to put the music you plan to import onto an SD or flashcard because the import is much quicker then from a burned MP3 CD. If you find you are having troubles the most likley problem is simply the format in which you are trying to transfer.

I just got a A4. I have Bluetooth and a memory card slot. I own a Audi A6. Just downloaded music to an SD chip from iTunes on my computer.

Audi MMI: Exploring Audi's in-car infotainment and tech options

When a music track ends and transitions to the next track, there is a slight skip in the transition. That is, the next song seems to start momentarily, stops and then the next song proceeds as normal.

You cannot import music to the jukebox from your iPhone, Apple has encrypted it so this function is not possible. I just bought an Audi Q5 with nav and card slots. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.

I appreciated your info on using a 3G MMI to load tracks from a thumb drive but you mentioned a limitation of 4 gigs max size for the drive. Can you explain the reason for the restriction, my prior computer experience cannot. Thank you. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Sales: Service: Parts: info iamaudi. Facebook Instagram. Emily on January 20, at pm. Any help is appreciated. Emily Reply. Scott Mitchell on January 21, at pm. Vince Romanco on March 29, at am.

Mathis on August 3, at am. Does the A4 with navigation plus have a harddrive? Roger on February 6, at pm. Tomas Kolek on August 8, at pm. Thanks Reply.

I Am Audi on August 8, at pm.Customized online services from the Audi connect portfolio are delivered to the car for the driver. One of these services is traffic information online — it supplies data on the current traffic flow patterns in real time.

If the selected route has good traffic flow, it appears in green in the display; if traffic is heavy or slow-moving it is shown in orange, and traffic jams are highlighted in red. In this case, the service names the problem and suggests an appropriate alternate route.

Traffic information online covers not only freeways, but also country highways and city streets.

audi q7 sd card music

It covers most European countries. Whenever possible, it also indicates the number of available spaces and parking fees. The fuel prices service lists the gas stations with the lowest fuel prices. Flight, bus and train information from Audi connect can be used to check for departure times, train track and gate numbers and any delays. City events is an Audi connect service that provides information on a large variety of events at the current location, at a travel destination or at a user-selected location.

Customers can filter them by various categories such as cultural or sporting events. The range of Audi connect services in this area is rounded out by news online — which can be adapted to personal interests — and by travel and weather information.

Along with the read-aloud function, there is also a text function — the driver can send out predefined text modules, if desired they may be combined with data such as the current position.

The driver can also dictate text messages SMS and send them out. A server in the Cloud converts the sound file into a data packet. Many Audi connect services and functions can be controlled by voice control, including point-of-interest POI searches. Here too, the system converts a voice command into a data packet and sends it to the Google search engine.

This makes it possible to select each individual destination in Google Maps and then make it available to MMI navigation in the car. They are: emergency call after an accident, which notifies the Audi Emergency Call Center, online roadside assistance, which is handled at the. Audi Service Center and Audi service request, which customers can use to schedule an appointment at a service shop. Music data is then transmitted over Wi-Fi from the smartphone to MMI navigation plus and from there to the sound system.BeagleKCH Aug 9, Log in or Sign up.

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. I'm about to take delivery of an A4. That is fine for all my music about 8, tracks. Equally the 10GB Jukebox will be fine for 1, or so tracks.

audi q7 sd card music

Important: The media centre e. To select an entry: Select an entry from the media centre. Important: The playlist must be open. To choose a track: Select the track currently being played. I know I could just play it all from an iPod or my phone, but since it has the SD card functionality I thought that would be the simplest method of playing music.

I've gone for the Bang and Olufsen and so music is a big deal for me in the car.

Audi MMI 3G+ video from SD card

BeagleKCHAug 9, I don't have any playlists set up. Thanks for that. It may be that the stipulation that the item to be copied to the Jukebox must be open, refers only to copying media to the Jukebox, rather than playing direct from the SD card itself.

My mmi system, technology pack with a hard drive, the brochures states cards up to 2tb's. The only limitation being the number of files per directory. Currently the largest cards are sdxc of gb, though owners have used gb versions in their mmi systems successfully. I'm pleased to hear that the current models have larger capacity, thanks. BeagleKCHAug 10, Sorry should have made it clearer but this is the mmi system in my A3 but I don't see why the current A4 won't support sd csrds of the same size B9 manual p says max Gb cards.

I guess bigger ones might work anyway but it isn't guaranteed. BeagleKCH likes this.For information on this topic, please review the Infotainment Manual for your vehicle or visit Video Tutorials. The available MMI 3G has a contact capacity of 5, contacts over four phone profiles. Therefore, if two different phone profiles contain 2, contacts, the remaining two phone profiles can house a maximum of 1, contacts combined to reach the maximum of 5, contacts.

For information on this topic, please review the Infotainment Manual for your vehicle or visit Video Tutorials and our Bluetooth Compatibility information. The MMI system is not configured to provide this functionality. For more information, please contact your local authorized Audi dealer. Please refer to the owner's manual for all information and warnings. By using the site, you acknowledge that you are aware of the warnings and information that must be read within the owner's manual and will use this information to augment that material.

New inventory Pre-owned. Check if your device is compatible. Refine Refine Filter Model year. Apply Cancel. Frequently asked questions. Where can I find a list of voice commands? Can I answer an incoming phone call without dropping the original phone call i. How do I pair my Bluetooth phone? Why won't my phone automatically connect when I re-enter the vehicle?

I have multiple phones that I want to pair with my Audi, how can I manage these separate profiles? I have two phones synchronized to my vehicle's Bluetooth system. Can I toggle between the two telephones? If a call comes in and I don't want other passengers in the vehicle to hear the conversation, is there a way to disable the Bluetooth and use just the handset? I want to change the informtion in a stored contact, can I do this through the MMI? How do I hook up my iPod or other music players?

What size SD memory card should I use to transfer music to the jukebox or simply play music?Of all the car brands out there, Audi is known for offering one of the most expansive and integrated information and entertainment systems you'll find in a car.

Audi MMI - short for "multimedia interface" - is a general term that's used around a range of Audi technologies related to the in-car information and entertainment system. At its core, MMI is the user interface and the controller that works with it. Where this was once a dial and a display, there are also touchpads, touch-enabled dials, buttons, voice and steering wheel controls, all feeding into the same system.

The car model you choose changes the MMI experience you'll get, but the experiences are broadly aligned across cars. The position of the screens is different, there are different levels of features available in packages and individual upgrades, but much is presented and operated in the same way, from the A1 right up to the R8. There are essentially four different types of driver display available.

There are the analogue dials with a small digital window in the centre, there are analogue dials with a much larger central display, a digital display showing those dials on the new Audi A1 and then the full Virtual Cockpit. The digital parts of Audi's driver display is divided into four sections: car information, music, phone and navigation. So whether that's the 3. Audi's Virtual Cockpit is a fully-digital driver display.

The We love Virtual Cockpit, because it brings a lot of flexibility and it's one of the most techy interfaces you'll find on any car. The display as standard will show you speed and RPM dials, but you can change the size of these dials with a press of a steering wheel button marked "view"making them smaller and letting more of your other information get displayed.

The Audi R8 also has a performance mode with a central rev counter, flanked with other customisable details, like torque and power meters. The big thing here, in reality, is navigation.

You can have full navigation mapping spread right across Virtual Cockpit for a wider view than you'll get on a standard central display - it's also closer to your eye line, so very easy to follow.

Audi offers a range of central display options and almost all are mounted toward the top of the dashboard. Such screens, as shown above, don't offer a touch interface, instead using the centre tunnel-mounted MMI controller and various buttons to navigate the user interface.

Audi Jukebox – How Do I Import Music?

At a basic level it uses a radial design, letting you use the navigation wheel to rotate around the icons and make your selection, be that to change the media source, setup a new Bluetooth connection, alter the interior lighting or turn up the bass. But Audi is in the process of change, with a fully integrated MMI Touch system now available at the top-end of its ranges, which has almost "invisible" screens, finished in piano black, which only illuminate with their touch-based icons after turning the engine on.

There's no physical controller to the centre tunnel, instead you'll tap the controls you wish to adjust, with haptic feedback provided to confirm and help you not take your eyes off the road for too long.

audi q7 sd card music

The systems offers a degree of customisation, letting you add some shortcuts to the bottom display. This might be an address of your favourite radio stations, ideal for one touch access. This is really easy to do and gives you a method of making the system your own. However, the loss of the old physical controller dial for navigation means you have to rely solely on touch, which means you need to look at the screen and make sure you hit the right icon.

When travelling at speed this can be tricky, compared to using a clickable dial, although in many cases, Audi lets you access most things with steering wheel controls. Text input can be a little more tricky, but the entire bottom display will become a scrawl pad, letting you trace in letters and recognising them and making suggestions on the top display.

Who said it's only the driver who can have all the tech fun? Fitting its position as the top-ranking saloon in the range, the new Audi A8 also offers a rear-positioned removable panel to make some but not all adjustments to settings. From media, to radio, and TVs if fittedthe removable panel also handles climate controls, cabin lighting, blinds and can even make rear seat and front passenger seat adjustments, if such features are fitted.

Very fancy. One of the most sought after aspects is GPS route mapping, or satnav. This is available on all Audi models, but comes at various levels with various options. It's included as standard on some trim levels and it's worth looking at where it's included. Generally speaking, Audi is moving to offer some form of satnav as standard - but there's a way around it provided by Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which we'll talk about in a minute.Daggerit Aug 9, Log in or Sign up.

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. SD card music formats Daggerit Aug 9, Just convert your itunes to mp3, job done, as all your devices will support it. NHNAug 22, Ok, well what about you Ash? If you have the HDD sat nav we may well have found the problem I'll be able to try it out for myself as of next Friday so won't have to bug you guys as much!

DaggeritAug 22, I have dragged mine from Itunes on a mac onto the sd card and they are in m4a format which the car reads fine. They could be mp3 format if they were imported as mp3 into Itunes or if they were converted. One or two of the tracks are unplayable so I am not sure if they were in a different format I will have to investigate. MMI shows me the folder structure when browsing, not the tags maybe this is a feature of 'old' DVD nav.

DVD nav only shows tags instead of file names. Its not smart enough to order files based on their tags in teh DVD version at least A couple of points though. For a number of reasons Windows doesn't easily do this.

But class 10 SD cards help with the access speed.

audi q7 sd card music

Cheers for the reply Simo, good to see that someone in IT still can't get tracks to work as well Does the track limit apply to each card you put in or is it the combination do you know? Also, I'm still curious to hear back from someone with the HDD version to see if it does something different with the tracks. DaggeritAug 23, For safety reasons the card reader cover must always be closed while driving - risk of injury!

Note The jukebox does not support playlists. The more files, directories or playlists are stored on a medium, the longer it will take to load the audio files. We recommend using a storage device which contains only audio files.

If you want to reduce the time it takes to load the audio files you can create subfolders e.Do you like to listen to music in the car? In order to make driving less boring, many people choose to play their favorite songs in the car. If I sit in the car, I tend to listen to older folk music or classical music.

Some users have encountered the following questions. I know that newer cars ie can read this type of file. Is there anything I can do to make my radio reading them? Dear ExpertsI am having an Audi Q5 3. I need help on this please. What formats can playback via Audi MMI? Obviously, Audi's MMI system is not universal.

Acrok Video Converter Ultimate is considered to be the best free audio, music, song converter. It allows you to freely convert any music to any format as you want. Note: If you use trial version software to convert videos, there will be our brand logo in the converted videos.

Of course, as long as you activate our software, the watermarking will disappear automatically. This article takes the conversion FLAC format as an example to show you how this free audio converter software works.

You can use the same way to convert other audio files to Audi MMI supported format. If you want to play your Blu-ray, DVD and downloaded movies on tablet or smartphone off line, our program can convert any movies to your device's supported fomrat easily. It is just a piece of cake. Clicking the Convert button on main interface, you can go to Conversion window to start conversion. After the conversion, you can click "Open" button to locate the converted music, song.

Audi MMI Supported Formats - Play video and music in in Audi A3/A4/A5/A6/Q3/Q5 freely

Copy or transfer the songs to an USB drive or a smartphone. If you think the product is of high quality and is not expensive either. Please share it with your friends.