VIP has just finished a rather successful run, and I have to say the show deserved its ratings. While it was a heavy look at some heavy circumstances, the drama We're busy wrapping up the year in dramas, with fun things like beans, top picks, and long-winded reviews on what was like in dramaland. It seems like a good time Why is this drama so good!? In all honesty, I wasn't planning on continuing to cover VIP after its premiere week.

It's not a happy drama, and not a happy The opening week episodes introduce us to our cast of characters, and the drama is intentional Hi Bye, Mama! Memorist: Episode 9. Nobody Knows: Episode Rugal: Episodes Open Thread. Welcome: Episodes Bae Doo-na courted for a possible Jung Woo-sung and Netflix drama collaboration. Hospital Playlist: Episode 5. Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. VIP Favorite. Recent Posts. Drama Recaps Hi Bye, Mama! Drama Recaps Hospital Playlist: Episode 5 by lovepark. Reset Password. No Yes.Well guys, Supernatural is finally back, and that means we're in it for the final stretch at least through episode And the first episode back was an unexpected return to an old story: The Bad Place.

But first, we open on Earth 2, where Hillary Clinton is president and Chuck decides it's time for another monologue.

After walking into a Radio Shed — get it? But he didn't stop there. He made other worlds with other endings, his "other toys," as he calls them. And now, he's wondering if that's where he screwed up. Maybe he got a little toy-crazy because ultimately, he doesn't care about all the other endings, all the other Sams and Deans. Those other toys, he says, don't "spark joy.

The real Sam and Dean challenge Chuck, they disappoint him, they surprise him. They're the ones. Realizing that he needs fewer things in his life, he decides to clear the board: End all the other worlds, the alternate realities, the subplots, the "failed spinoffs.

And so, he does just that. Back at the bunker, on our Earth, Sam, Dean, and Castiel are still processing what Jack told them about Billie's plan to have him eat angel hearts in order to one day defeat God. Sam's unsure about everything, the only one to bring up the idea of cosmic balance if God dies, but Castiel wants to trust Jack, and Dean believes in Billie. And for now, it's the only plan they got. Still unsure, Sam pays Jack a visit, where he finds the Nephilim talking to "nobody," a.

Sam tells Jack that he could've come to them, and Jack assures him he knows, but the conversation does very little to help Sam's stress level, which is appropriately HIGH. In the library, Dean and Cas are significantly less stressed, sharing a drink and toasting to Castiel being right about Jack and God being killed by his own grandson. But the drinks are put on hold when Jody calls.

Dark Kaia has her trapped in a barn in Sioux Falls and she needs their help. Sam and Dean head that way, and once they get Dark Kaia to stop beating them up, she explains that they promised to get her back to her world, and now, her world is dying So our Kaia's not dead after all. She's been in the Bad Place this whole time, and now they have to save her before that world ends. The boys take Jody and Kaia back to the bunker, where Castiel is currently losing to Jack at Connect 4 because if they're not on a mission, they have time for games?!

When Jody walks in, she finally gets to meet the famous Castiel — or he gets to meet the famous Jody, whichever way you look at it.What a great episode! I am just so happy that this show is on the air and so well done all the way to today! We all know that things can go south in a Kdrama quickly. But right now it seems as if this writer has it all figured out. Talk about raising the stakes on the situation at work!

vip episode 12 recap

And with no murder in sight! This is just a workplace drama that uses misbehaving executives, mistresses, secret babies, and scorned wives to build all the tension in a believable way.

I love it. She did not know what to do. So Hyun-ah revealed the reason she was out for one year, which was touched upon in the opening episodes. It was because Bae tried to sexually attack her in a hotel room, but she was able to crash a glass across his head and run away. The event traumatized her so much that she took a year off. Sung-joon and Jung-sun knew why she took the year off but no one else did. After Hyun-ah heard what happened to Mina, she was tired of hiding and revealed all her past with Bae publicly on a site similar to Linkedin.

So this became huge news. Hyun-ah was slut shamed briefly but still held her head high and, with the help of Byung-hoon who works in IT, was able to find more wronged woman.

So she recorded damning evidence of Bae confessing to what he did, revealed that to everyone, and then slammed him with a lawsuit. But that is not all that went on this episode. With the affair storyline, Sung-joon and Yuri are trying to live their lives happily by sneaking rides to and from work together. But Jung-sung knows that this is going on and tries to keep it all tucked away inside. But she knows that this is not going the way that Jung-sun thought and gives her some sound advice, her husband is not going to throw away Sung-joon.

Sung-joon is too deeply involved with him. Why do you think he sent you away and not him even though Sung-joon slept with his own daughter? She had to run off to a meeting after that and mentioned that she wants to give her husband a hard time.

She tells Jung-sun to think about this as receiving a gift. Now I want to know what that gift is! Because I do not think that gift was information. I feel like the wife is getting a DNA test done or something. Who thinks she pulled some hair out on the sly and put it in a ziplock for processing?

Can you imagine! Because you know they are trying their hardest to get pregnant by any means necessary.Daryl swings his mace, Aaron slashes his sword, and Earl releases the catapults. Lydia falls back as Ezekiel leads the women and children away.

Suddenly, he notices Judith is missing. Eugene sprints towards the house as more explosions hit the Hilltop. Yumiko draws her bow and spots Magna walking among the walkers covered in blood. Carol watches in horror as the Hilltop burns. The next morning, Negan, Alpha, and the Whisperers survey the damage. Negan puts a dying Hilltop soldier out of his misery but Alpha reminds him to go for the heart so they can replenish the guardians.

Let’s Discuss ‘Legacies’ Four Insane Cliffhangers On “Kai Parker Screwed Us”

Elsewhere, Alden struggles to keep Adam calm so he hands him over to Mary. Suddenly, he spots Lydia through the trees. Walkers quickly arrive so Negan leaves him and finds Lydia. She tries to attack him but he blocks it, telling her to stop. Daryl, Rosita, Jerry, and the others arrive at an empty rendezvous as Nabila breaks down over her children.

vip episode 12 recap

He goes into the other room, hammers a giant nail into a table, and rolls up a sleeve to reveal a bite mark. Sound off in the comments! Go behind the scenes of Paola Lazaro's introduction as Princess into The Walking Dead with this new exclusive video from Tied Lydia loose and slit Alpha throat.

Now on to Beta. Carol act like she was not surprised a bit. OMG never saw that one coming!!! The rest of this episode was horrible…How dumb is Aiden? First the whole Alden not letting Mary near the baby bcbs of who she was; he does remember where he started out… Glad she got to hold the baby before she died. Second, someone recognized Beta!!!?? And Beta kills him… Hmmmmm…… Third, poor Judith. I think she is finally realizing who and what the walkers are. But, bcbs she had to kill Earl, it clicked.

Thank You Angela Kang and Director and all involved it was satisfying. Although not close to comic but will except it and no one else got Negan second big iconic scene Alpha Awesomeness. I agree with Carol.

Episode 12 recap: The Bomb Squad brings the villa to its knees - Love Island Australia 2019

About damn time Negan. Loved every minute!! This was a great episode,I was left speechless many times. So glad Alpha is gone,now who will have the pleasure of offing Beta? I realize the necessity of The Talking Dead going silent, so I am looking for analysis and feed back to last night Season 10 Episode 12 to debrief of sorts. When will the others all get angry with Carrol and kill her? She is the primary one responsible for the destruction of Hilltop, their way of life, and all of the death that followed.

The things she did was worse than what the former Hilltop leader who was hanged did.All except for Judith, who had entered the war zone and had to be led away by Earl. While tackling his menial task, halfheartedly at best, Negan spotted Lydia hobbling through the woods and gave chase. As whom? Not clear. Regardless, Beta was so anxious to keep his identity a secret that he immediately killed the guy.

Carol basically said. Next, we joined Daryl, Rosita, Jerry, Nabila and some others as they arrived at the meeting place, only to find it empty. Well, I was right. The old fella did manage to bang his head against the stake but apparently not hard enough to impale his brain. So when Judith peeked in, Zombie Earl attacked her. She was fine, though.

VIP: Episode 12 (23 and 24) Live Recap – Part 2

While Lydia frantically tried to untie herself, Alpha strolled along with Negan, floated the idea of him forming his own branch of the Whisperers and explained in typically bonkers fashion why she was going to kill her daughter. Mmkay, crazy lady. The two then shared a kiss, and as Lydia threw open the door of the shack, so did her mother.

How long had they been in cahoots?!? Was I the only one who hoped Mary would stick around? Which surprised you more — that Negan offed Alpha… or that he had been plotting with Carol? Hit the comments with your reactions. Click here to subscribe. Look Like. Gets Final Season Premiere Date. Post to Cancel.Barry takes Sharon and Nancy, who are understandably frantic, out of the room.

At this point, they have no choice but to call the police. Hold that thought. Anyway, Kyle walks in on him and is obviously pissed because he told him to leave a minute ago. Obviously, Kyle hired Bobby to break Lily and Donald up. Bobby also asks if Kyle is the reason Lily got the designer job with the first lady and what he has up his sleeves with the first lady. Bobby gets frustrated with Kyle and leaves. Later on, he finds his way to Lily again and tells her not to trust Kyle, the first lady or her husband.

Speaking of Kyle, he has replaced Max on guarding the president and is now responsible for facilitating his meet-ups with Denise, the jumpoff. Sharon goes off to work after Barry berrates her, once again, for leaving. Then Richard points out the fact that the police have been taking awfully long to arrive. Nancy calls Barry out for not actually calling them in the first place and says she knows her kitchen knife is missing.

She asks him if he killed Ruth. Richard tries to reason with him and get him to stay despite being in trouble because, you know, being a fugitive would make things worse. He pushes up on her enough that she finally gives in and kisses him. At the White House, Victoria Franklin gets a surprise visitor--her mother!

Basically, she knows Gayle snuck out of the White House and that Franklin has been banging his jumpoff in the Oval Office. Victoria is as quiet as a church mouse as her mom goes in on her and it makes perfect sense why she is the way she is. They question him about the incident at the pharmacy. Finally, the mid-season finale ends with Hunter finding his mistress dead in his bedroom.

Yup, he snuck her in the house, had his few moments of pleasure, and thought everything was all good. The Oval Episode 1 Recap. The Oval Episode 2 Recap. The Oval Episode 3 Recap. The Oval Episode 4 Recap. The Oval Episode 5 Recap. The Oval Episode 6 Recap. The Oval Episode 7 Recap. The Oval Episode 8 Recap. Users can unsubscribe at anytime.

From Lena Waithe comes Twenties, a new BET comedy about navigating the most exciting, and terrifying, decade of your life while trying to make it in Hollywood. Tyler Perry's 'The Oval' Episode 12 Recap In the mid-season finale the First Lady gets an unexpected visitor and her husband gets an even nastier surprise.

Published January 23rd. Written by Starr Rocque.P Character Chart. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 12: Recap & Discussion

Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post! Yuri goes outside and sees that her father is there waiting for her. He tells her to hop in. It must be a surprise that he is there because she looks around. In the car, the VP tells her that the chairman wants to see her, it is an important place so you can make no mistakes.

He goes back inside the building to find her and sees Jung-sun instead. She asks him if he is there to find her?

vip episode 12 recap

Then she walks off when he does not say anything. The chairman is eating with his family members when the VP and Yurii come in. Everyone looks at them. The chairman says that they are all family, which is why I called her. So they all start to eat. The chairman says that the company is noisy now. Young-woong says that that woman has man issues, poor Executive Bae. The VP says that they should be careful because of the public opinion.

He will take care of it. The chairman tells his daughter CEO that he trusts her to take care of it well. He tells her that it is a family dinner so just be relaxed. He says that he worried that his VP son and wife did not have any kids. So he thinks this is a good thing. Young-woong says he does not have to be in a hurry about it. But the chairman says that she is their family so lets do this quickly.

The wife says yes.